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True North Arrows LLC has introduced the industries best ECO-FRIENDLY water borne Cresting paints, Crown dip and Clear gloss arrow finish available. Low to no odor.Products stays flexible and do not crack or check. All thinning and clean up is with water. Products are great for wood arrow shafts, carbon or aluminum. 8 Crown dip colors available - Black, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Feather Green, Feather Blue, 15 Cresting colors available- Tan, Grey, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Dark Green, Feather Green, Dark Blue, Feather Blue ,Light Pink, Purple, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Clear Gloss Arrow Finish is gloss to seal shaft completely.

The TRUE NORTH ARROWS PRIVATE LABELED cresting paints and clear coatings were also personally tested, as I have worked in the paint industry for over 30 years. These are the best/most durable water-based products I have found, simply stated.I have left arrows in testing out in the weather for 30 days and not had any lifting of clear finish or paints , all feather adhesives are still intact and arrow is still shoot-able.

True North Arrows LLC was formed to make traditional wood arrows at a reasonable price. These arrows are made to shoot, hunt and harvest game. I purchase one dozen Port Orford Cedar shafts matched in grain weight & spine weight. That allows us to create a quality set of matched arrows from the start. The shafts are then stained/clear dipped / crown dipped and or crested and then 3 more coats of clear dip is applied, when shooting or hunting you get to look at a quality nice looking arrow. Other items offered by True North Arrows, LLC are quality items that we can all use in our hunting adventures. Each item has been personally used and tested. If it works, I will sell it; If not, you will not see it on our website.

Cresting Paint Carbon Prep Arrow Dip Clear Coating
Cresting Paint
Our Price: $6.99
Carbon Prep
Our Price: $5.99
Arrow Dip Clear Coating
Our Price: $42.99
Arrow Dip Clear Coating (1 ounce) Crown Dip Paint Pint Metallic Cresting Paint
Crown Dip Paint Pint
Our Price: $26.99
Metallic Cresting Paint
Our Price: $7.99
Water-Based stain
Water-Based stain
Our Price: $7.99