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Joe -The arrows are wonderful!!! I put some points and some yesterday and they fly wonderfully. Thank you very much!!!!

-A very satisfied customer, Marvin

Everything came in timely fashion. I really like your products and

will be buying more.

Thanks again,

Hi Joe, I spoke with you at Great Lakes Long Bow shoot last weekend. Decided to try your product. Awesome Awesome Awesome.

Thanks, Dennis


These arrows surpassed my expectations.


I placed my third order for a variety of your products and want to tell you how much I like them. I'm just finishing up a winter traditional archery league where I've put arrows finished with your products to the test on very dense targets and the finish has held up flawlessly!


Bruce D.


These arrows are really nice. The extra spine weight straightened the arrow flight out, and they seem to hit harder as well. As always thanks for the high-end quality.


Here are a few of the arrows I made with TN paints and glue. First try and they turned out great. A very short learning curve with these paints. I took me about 30 or 40 arrows to get this nice of a finish with lacquer or enamels. I know they will only get better with a few more arrows.